Oven Window Cleaning Hack

I love a good cleaning hack. And I like to cook. And even though I always tell myself I’m going to clean the oven window on a regular weekly basis…I don’t. With Thanksgiving tomorrow it seemed like a good time to share this easy way to clean that baked on mess on your oven door window.

I’ve seen this posted around the internet a number of places and I don’t know who came up with it first or I’d give them credit. But it is ingenious!

All you need is this:

Well, you’ll also need a bowl of warm water and a pair of rubber gloves. You don’t want to do this job with bare hands! These tablets have bleach and you don’t want that burning your skin.

Dip the tablet in warm water. I alternate between holding the largest flat side down and sometimes the sides of the tablet against the glass. Use some pressure as you scrub back and forth over the baked on grease. You’ll start seeing it dissolve almost immediately. Keep dipping in water and scrubbing and then use a damp sponge to wipe up the mess. Depending on how dirty the glass is will determine how long it takes. But trust me, we’re not looking at hours of scrubbing. It probably took me 15 minutes or less to do half the glass. You might have to use more than one tablet but after trying a ton of other ways to clean the oven door – this wins hands down.

Bowl of warm water, Finish Powerball & gloves

Here’s a photo of my window half done.

Half-way there!
You can see the grease coming up!

BTW – I use the little red ball to hold on to and guide the tablet but sometimes it will fall out. You can toss it or let is dissolve in your warm water. Not sure if that helps but hey, it can’t hurt right? Also, sometimes you’ll open up one of the tablets and it will be a little crumbly. Use it anyway. I just keep scrubbing the glass with all the crumbles. It’s a little messy that way but the tablet is going to start to crumble at some point anyway. But it is easier when the tablet is solid.

Once you’re done with the window you can continue to clean the whole inside of the door – not just the glass. And the whole inside of the oven too but that job may be for another day. :)

Here’s my window all clean again! Trust me – the hardest part of this post was trying to get a good photo of glass!

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