Goodbye 2016

It’s been a sad year of losses. So many beloved celebrities gone. We mourn the loss as if we knew them – because we did. In songs or movies or their ability to make us laugh or cry. They came into our hearts and souls and we were the better for it.

I know that many of us have lost loved ones as well – family or friends who will no longer be a part of our lives. The pain is even more lasting because they were truly one of us.

And yet we go on. Because they’re all still with us. Our family and friends live on in photos and videos and in the memories we share with everyone who loved them as much as we did. The celebrities will continue to make us smile every time we hear them on the radio or see them on the screen.

There is no question that some had rich, long, productive lives. Too many were taken too soon. And a few hadn’t even begun to achieve what they might have if they would have had 10, 20 or even 50 more years.

But in the end, I believe that whoever touches us makes us better in some way. And they give us the opportunity to ask – how have we touched someone?

We don’t really know how anyone might remember us. We don’t have to be famous. But maybe we made the world a little better place by being in it. With a smile or a kind word. In the meantime, I’m going to listen to Prince sing “Purple Rain”. John Glenn will remind me of the thrill of man first exploring the final frontier. Mohammed Ali will remain “The Greatest”! I’ll probably cry a little bit when I see Anton Yelchin in Star Trek. Our brother in law, Bill, (who passed away at 12:01 this morning) will be remembered as a gentle giant of a man with a heart of gold. And Carrie Fisher will always be our Princess.

And let’s all remember that – We Are One With The Force. The Force Is With Us.

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