Restless Leg Syndrome


You just gotta love how quickly the big pharma companies jump on the bandwagon so they can sell you more drugs that you don’t need.

Do you have restless leg syndrome?

Actually I have on occasion. I wouldn’t call it a syndrome – that seems like something you have all the time…or often enough that you have to call it a syndrome instead of an annoyance.  Mine was just a couple times and it seems like it happened when I was under a fair amount of stress.

But I digress.

Turns out the big pharma companies have an Rx for RLS.

First off they acknowledge that they don’t really know what causes RLS. I hate acronyms.  Let’s just say they don’t know why some people’s legs want to motate all night in bed.  So they came up with an idea. Let’s prescribe dopamine to all those poor bastards.  Ok, that seemed to work for some, not all and the side effects were not great.

So next they announced the use of gabapentin enacarbil – an anti-epilepsy drug. Which has even more severe side effects.  Ooooh, I want me some of that!

Of course there are alternatives.  My sister had the same problem and her doctor made a couple of un-doctor-like recommendations – which included taking ferrous sulfate and a supplement called Circulegs which has been prescribed in Europe for years.  And he suggested she stop donating blood.  Problem pretty much solved.  (Can we clone this guy?)

But the one I really like comes from a Brazilian study.  Turns out “a little self pleasure could be just what the doctor ordered.”  Of course you can achieve the same result with a partner, but just in case you’re not currently in a relationship, you can administer this Rx yourself.  And guess what? They think it might work because orgasm releases dopamine in the brain.

And the only side effect is a smile on your face.

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